1. “72 hours” A portrait of Betty White & Rue McClanahan

    2022-08-03 12:54:15 UTC
    New NFT available on This portrait of Betty White & Rue McClanahan as Rose & Blanche is inspired by the episode “72 hours” from the show “The Golden Girls”. 
It’s about courage, speaking up, when everyone else stays silent, about compassion and my gratitude for those using their voice.…

  2. Voice Permanent Pride

    2022-06-23 12:40:00 UTC
    Voice’s inaugural Permanent Pride collection Happy, excited and in appreciation to be part of Voice’s inaugural Permanent Pride collection!!! The carbon neutral NFT platform for digital artists Voice just launched this new initiative that was inspired by a desire to show support for the LGBTQIA+ community beyond Pride Month in…

  3. Anna Maria Soyka (née Miąc) - 1954-2022

    2022-06-16 12:30:00 UTC
    Anna Maria Soyka (née Miąc)*1954 in Lublin †2022 …it s simplecan t believe you re gonethat s it nowuntil i am done with this life timeand we ll try againi ll stay here a moment longerwhere grief does its thingand loss breaks hearts into piecesbefore I can close my eyesand…

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