About stars aligning, the power of music and the beauty in lifting off

Have you heard about that powerful, incredible things can happen when stars align in unique constellations? And when we look up in the right moment we can see it happening and be moved by it, even in life changing ways. Like when Emicida - one of the biggest hip hop stars of Brazil, Pabllo Vittar - Brazil’s favoritte drag queen and iconic pop star, and rising star + black trans activist artist Majur get together with perfect timing, flow and energy to make something fabulous like AmarElo - a creation that can carry you through depths up to the highs, so we can celebrate with courage and transform the valleys. 

AmarElo was the song that made me and my beautiful family dance, move, last year, when everything seemed to be falling apart. It became our soundtrack, the encouragement to take the next steep steps and be our beautiful iridescent selves, without making our scars our loudest voice.

So we did. We sang, we were bold, we moved, literally ;) Left to on the yellow brick road, with the heartbeat of AmarElo on our boombox, bouncing in rhythm. Because we cried enough and were ready to deixar sem chão.

And now I say thank you for the music, the words, the beauty, boldness, compassion with my visual rendition of the song in three portraits of the artist. Muito obrigada, Emicida, Pabllo Vittar, Majur for getting together and creating something that beautiful!

And if you, dear reading friend, need something to remind you of your inherent fabulosity, and that you deserve and can enjoy that rainbow shining and the good things happening, go put on AmarElo, explore the lyrics, check out the art and maybe get them for you walls so you won’t forget to fall back in love with life.

Sending love, strength & appreciation.


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